#MMMay18 Things I Should Already Know

Please note the top right and center left are not me-made outfits. The top right outfit was the final replacement after the altered floral top and white linen skirt replaced another altered floral chiffon top that was to go with the denim skirt, but had a tie come loose. I was lucky to have that problem because it made me try the other outfits which lead to the skirt leaving my wardrobe and me realizing I really need to make some new camis (and tops) since my me mades don’t fit anymore.

I have actually managed to take some pictures this year. They are really just for me. To remind me that:

  • Elsbeth needs a new pocket that fits the iPhone, which is larger than the touch I had when I made her. (Am I really sewing for my phone?)
  • Skirts should hit above the knee or at the ankle, none of this in between stuff.
  • Skirts are also nicer when they are wider. A line rather than straight-gotta’ balance those hips.
  • Tops hitting me at the fullest part of the hips is a stupid idea.
  • Sleeves are awesome for a reason.
  • Me made really does look better.
  • My iron is my friend.
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