Mystery Sampler Finish

finished sampler

Mystery Sampler folded and basted with the removed threads and waiting for hemstitching, which has since been completed.  I most enjoyed the variety of stitches used in this sampler.  Frequently samplers are mostly alphabets with lovely stitched ornamentation, which discourages me since I already know my alphabet and rarely need reminders.  Stitch samplers on the other hand are fantastic.  Can’t wait to do another, but first I have some tablecloths to finish and will be stitching a small Assisi piece with my guild.

Fabric and floss have also been ordered so that I can get started on (and catch up on the previous 3 months of) the Modern Folk Embroidery Mystery SAL.     This was an Instagram find.  janhickscreates had a beautiful version, which led me down the rabbit hole  to many and eventually to the shop.  In Iceland, resistance was easy, but a few months later the use of all willpower to accomplish birthday season musts led to the inability to resist the strong desire to join in now rather than just picking up the pattern for later.  Linen for sewing was also purchased.  This supports the clear link between create or shop to create for me.  Do you do this?  Crafting time non-existent?  Well there are internet shops open in the middle of the night…*sigh*  At least I was good, only purchasing things that had been on my long-term purchase list.

upper half of sampler

lower half of sampler

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