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It’s birthday season.  That means sewing time is time for making little girl dresses.   A has taken to wearing only knits and only things that don’t come near her neck, so sewing for her is a bit more challenging.  Still  the Violette Field Threads Lacey dress has been on my must sew list.  In hopes of her actually wearing the dress, I showed her my stash of four pieces of Sarah Jane fabric.  Of course she loved the pink magic parade.  I love it, too.  Unfortunately, as a border print it doesn’t work with the Lacey, which has a circle skirt, which precludes the use of border prints.

hand smocking

Hand Smocking

To her the fabric is more important than the dress, which afforded me an excellent opportunity to try my hand at smocking in the form of the Purl Soho Smocked Dress.  This has long been on my list of things to try and was simplified via the use of the stitching cards in The Geometry of Hand-Sewing.  Hand sewing is my happy place.  It helps me relax in a way that working with the machine doesn’t.  Pretty fabric, fun new technique and a happy little girl.  Win all around.

  As for the Purl Soho Smocked Dress I will say this:  Not much of a pattern there, not great explanation of smocking either, plus the little dots didn’t come out quite even, but the effect is cool and I want to try it on some sleeve, cuffs sometime.  So score for learning a new skill, trying a new pattern and sewing my stash.  The pattern called for self fabric bias binding, but in the interest of being lazy and preserving the remaining fabric I chose to use contrasting white bias tape from my stash.  Two other changes I made were giving it only one side seam as to not interrupt the border print and the little patch pocket.  Girls deserve pockets too.

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