Venomous Johnny-come-lately

After all of O’s newly mended pants had been neatly tucked into his drawer, miraculously a small pair of hole-kneed jeans appeared on the cutting table in my sewing room. Later O checked to make sure I had found them. These are those. A quick spiral would only take a little to become a spider’s web. Then of course a spider was necessary and only brightly colored venomous spiders are truly interesting.

Actually, fixing, mending , and alterations have been a big thing lately. I’m still tackling the relentlessly messy craftroom. Slowly each small pile, little container or full drawer is being tidied. The overcrowded room feels spacious with the main channel around the cutting table cleared and vacuumed. While I dream of it being clean and cleared out, I recognize that that is probably a year or two away, just because my sewing is far behind. I did take in my Hollyburn and rosari skirts. Then today as I was trying to find my (possibly fictitious) stockpile of jeans buttons I went through a pile of items set aside for alterations.

I shortened hem on a summery chiffon blouse, laid plans for moving the ties on another and turned a sundress into a skirt (tutorial coming soon). I even took apart and reassembled the tiered candy tray I use to hold presser feet and machine needles, removing the cracked and chipped top tier.

Spring I’m feeling closer to ready for you than ever before.  At least things are getting better everyday.  Now if only the weather would cooperate.

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