Vintage Finds: Paragon Tablecloth Kit

This one came to me through a fellow stitcher in my EGA chapter.  She purchased it second hand thinking to use the linen for bookmarks.  If you are unfamiliar with vintage linens the quality of the linens is miles beyond what you find in kits and most other places today.  Pre-stamped items like this are blank on the back making them a great value for the linen alone.  At 60″ by 80″ this would be a lifetime supply of bookmarks.  While cleaning out my fellow stitcher thought of me. I just presented my completed grapevine tablecloth at our previous chapter meeting. It seems I’m getting a reputation due to my vintage linens enthusiasm.  If this is the result, bring it on.

A lovely complete kit for a tablecloth with a rose design in the corners connected by a simple border.  The  floral motif the flows to the center and around there and back out again. I can’t believe my luck.  I was enthusiastic about the idea that someone else was going to stitch a vintage tablecloth too, not only that but with roses and in blue no less.  Only now I’m even more excited that that someone will get to be me.  If you are interested in vintage linens or vintage hand embroidery kits and patterns stop by my vintage linens page.  Or check out some of these posts:

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