Fire and Fiber

There was a completely unimpressive, from our point of view (We feel for those of you for whom it was otherwise.), winter storm complete with a snow day for O and the power going on and off all day.  That did ruin our plans for science experiments and baking adventures, but we still made banana bread, which was an experiment in guessing how long it would bake in a formerly hot oven.  Beyond that we enjoyed a day by the fire playing board games, building with legos and spinning yarn.

This is my latest spinning. This batch started on my favorite drop spindle, then a bit went on the wheel and am now doing a bit more on the drop spindle.  Probably not the best plan, but I’m spinning to suit my mood.  This is a lovely mixed fiber with just a bit of sparkle.  It is from a five pound bag of mill ends so this is likely to be what I am spinning for quite a while now.  I’ve no idea what I will do with fuzzy brown/grey with green/yellow/red/sparkle highlights mystery fiber when it’s done, but I’m not letting that slow me down.

Stay warm and Have fun.

FYI: It’s free Craftsy Unlimited Weekend. Test  before you buy.

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