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Obvious Exclusions

It’s birthday season.  That means sewing time is time for making little girl dresses.   A has taken to wearing only knits and only things that don’t come near her neck, so sewing for her is a bit more challenging.  … Continue reading

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Farewell Winter

I’ve been having a little trouble with the scheduling function on WordPress lately, mostly it schedules then doesn’t publish.  Fun stuff, but that just means that I’ve got loads of posts lined up to come out soon.  Hopefully, I can … Continue reading

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Full Busted Thrifting

Upcycling for non-standard sizes. Create a skirt out of your favorite dress find. Continue reading

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Sewn garments aren’t the only things that sometimes need to be altered when you change size. This ball of yarn is a between sweater. It was the Ada I wore with my first Rosari skirt. Soon it will be a … Continue reading

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Venomous Johnny-come-lately

After all of O’s newly mended pants had been neatly tucked into his drawer, miraculously a small pair of hole-kneed jeans appeared on the cutting table in my sewing room. Later O checked to make sure I had found them. … Continue reading

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Vintage Finds: Paragon Tablecloth Kit

A vintage tablecloth kit is an excellent find. Roses in Blue on Blue make this 60″ by 80″ cloth particularly desirable. Continue reading

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Fire and Fiber

There was a completely unimpressive, from our point of view (We feel for those of you for whom it was otherwise.), winter storm complete with a snow day for O and the power going on and off all day.  That … Continue reading

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