Little Mysteries


This band sampler by Jana P. Kerr was originally published in 2006 as a series in Needle Arts, the official publication for the Embroiderer’s Guild of America. It is our ongoing chapter project currently. Consisting of 15 lessons it covers a variety of stitches in small sections, creating a sampler about a meter long. Thus far some traditional monogramming stitches, black work, bargello and cross-stitch have made an appearance. The next lessons will include some pattern darning, which is new to me, along with a bit of drawn thread. The balance between brainless progress and needing time without kids to make certain I’m getting something right is something I haven’t encountered in a pattern before. That probably makes this a piece that is exactly the correct instructional level for me, not that I haven’ picked up entirely new techniques and enjoyed those challenges, but this gives me more background information on familiar techniques and allows me to try new things while also giving me a chance to revisit some techniques I love, but don’t often do.

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