Real Life Icy Roses


This is the part of the post where I explain what has been keeping me away etc.  It boils down to this: real life was taking precedence, getting time, availability, lighting etc… Well, you get the point, lets get on with the interesting part instead.  In honor of real life I give you this incredibly accurate picture of A and me-me trying to accomplish something and to understand her and her being very three.  She loved the idea of being in the pictures (demanded she be in them), but couldn’t wait to jump up to see them on the camera or be still.

This cozy floral is French terry, which makes Icy Roses a much warmer version of my “TNT” Appleton. Is this still TNT even though it’s my first size14E/F? Following Jenny Rushmore’s tip for more coverage-up a size, down a cup, paid off. The fit is fantastic. So much so, that I’ve even prepped the Turner pattern in the same size, though perhaps I should have gone back to the 12 G/H. The muslin will tell. Having made lots of Appletons (See them here, here, here, here, here and here) the construction was easy peasy and took just a few hours and needed no special tricks. It’s such a great feeling to just cut something out and sew it up that I’m tempted to try the Concord again, but I have some tees and burning questions. Would a grey ribbed sweater knit Appleton look too much like a robe to be worn in public? Would it finally be too many Appletons? The Turner is up next, to give my sweater knit another option and hopefully give me another easy wardrobe building option.  TNT’s you will yet be mine.

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