Prairie Schooler Book 83 second post

A chicken appeared in the window.  It seemed to really want in.  Curious, I went to see what was up.  Just outside the picture window lay our back porch, surrounded by a fenced in play area for the kids.  Across that area rushed a fox.  The cheeky fellow was chasing our chickens right past the house.  Grabbing a broom that stood next to the steps, I followed.  He ran back past me, across the drive and by the barn.  Pausing to see if I was following and stopping to snatch a chicken.  I chased him across the bridge over the creek and it was a stand-off…fox with his chicken and me with my broom.  Until I decided that it just wouldn’t be his chicken, dead or not, and swatted him with a broom, causing I’m to drop the chicken, who flew for the barn, and dash off a ways.  Heading back in, I saw him circling around, and got O to help me round up hiding hens.  That is what I did instead of stitching.

In the middle of the night the phone rang.  Short version: hoopla with state troopers, emts, and neighbors, while they fetched the driver from a vehicle that had been driving through the fields and then into the woods, where it got stuck.  My husband dealt with that, while I remained on call.  Instead of sleeping, I stitched.   It all works out in the end.

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