Prairie Schooler Winter Samplers (Book No. 83)


Winter Sampler Correction in Progress

A strong start with me doing the entire 2nd band in the wrong color.  Here it’s nearly removed.

This simple sampler jumped out at me when I saw it online last year. It’s winter without being Christmas. My supply of fall stitcheries is numerous, but all other seasons find meagre stitchings in my home. I’m not particularly enamored of many of the fall pieces I created when I was younger, but the kids enjoy them. Some of my favorite recent pieces (How Does Your Garden Grow, Meadow Medley, Bluebird, Quaker Bellpull) aren’t fall, but they are still exceptions.

Winter Sampler Post Correction
After correcting the second band

The neutrals in these samplers reflect the stark colors of leafless trees against a background of snow that typifies this time of year here in the northeastern US, calling me to bring those colors and images into my home to contrast hot tea drunk while stitching or spinning in front of the fire.

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