Celebratory Num Nums

sweet rewards

Having finished our adventures in Iceland (tales still to follow), we came home to early release and snow delays and other weather related chaos. The truck wouldn’t start and A seemed to be having a problem hearing, but that was last week. We spent an uplifting weekend in Philadelphia, ambling along on what was definitely the most enjoyable protest we’ve participated in so far. The Women’s March was upbeat and friendly, with weather in the mid-50’s and sunshine to accompany us. Coming back home to a low key week is perfect for catching up on all of the little things that were set aside for the holidays and vacation. No sewing has happened not as the result of a lack of time. There have been several small windows that I would normally have used, and the urge is there, but when I look into the craftroom and see the piles of stuff on top of stuff (not to dissimilar to much of the rest of the post holiday/vacation house)…stress makes me want to hide. It has been a long time since I’ve allowed the room to get any near this bad. Project leftovers, projects that fell aside due to lack of time, new arrivals that were piled in a way to hide holiday things from the kids. Stuff everywhere. That combined with some very Mommy hungry little ones means not much gets done.

Today, I did the ironing, freeing up once space in the room-the ironing board. Seriously there are even piles of things on the floor,which has never happened before. Then I tackled a long standing problem. The Thinking Putty stuck to the fabric that would have been my second option for a holiday dress back in the beginning of December. That niggling irritation took only minutes to conquer after I found the right process and ordered the right tools (99% isopropyl alcohol). Things are looking up. The fabric seems to be saved and when it comes out of the wash I’ll know for sure one way or the other. So before I run errands or tackle the next pile. I’m rewarding myself with almond milk cocoa and Oreos.

Pre-publishing Update: As last week’s post just went out this will wait until tomorrow and I can tell you that the fabric is rescued.

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