Slow December

finished s&r candlemat

Happy December Everyone,

We really enjoyed the extra week after Thanksgiving. We didn’t do a lot of prep with it, but we did a little. Today is outside lights, removal of Jack-o-Lanterns and planting crocuses day. Preparations are often a little lopsided like that. Though this time I was just waiting until my husband would be able to hook up the front loader on the tractor so that we can remove the now totally disgusting giant (the two of us could barely lift it) pumpkin. Next weekend is tree weekend and I’ve already saved our marriage buy purchasing multi-function LED’s. No more fighting over colored vs. white lights on the tree, we’ll be able to switch it back and for with a switch or just make it blink each in turn, which is A’s favorite option. It’s only taken 11 years to get to this compromise.

This year feels like a very selfish year. Not that I have a long wishlist for under the tree. The things I want are less tangible. Time mostly. Time to bake printen, time to enjoy decorating and sitting in front of the fire with my family, time to pay attention to the little details that make the holiday special for the kids. I’m not stressing about not finding the fabric for my holiday dress for the party that is next week. I’m seriously considering not baking 26 pecan pies or 60 dozen cookies for the office and neighbors. The shopping isn’t done. It isn’t nearly done. My list of names has a lot of empty space next to many of them, but it’s only December 3rd and I’m okay with that too. This is not very me. Shopping is usually well underway in August and cards go out as close to December 1st as can be. I remember a different me though, a pre-marriage, pre-kids me. That me loved getting ready for the holidays and refused to send cards until after 1 Jan. All through December I would hand write cards, collecting them and waiting to send them until the New Year. The idea was that it would help fend off the after holiday crash, when all of the excitement was over. Instead recent years have seen me get ready early then just add more handmade, homemade gifts and food to the to do list, along with more functions to attend. It’s time we decided how we want our holidays to be and align that list with those goals rather than with what others want us to do, or even what we think others want us to do.

I invite you to join me this year in celebrating Slow December. Don’t commit to making, baking, doing and going so much. Let the little things fall and don’t stress. Be less busy. Breathe. Smile. Enjoy the season. Do things that nurture you and take the time to really be with those who matter the most to you.

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2 Responses to Slow December

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. That would be very hard at this time of year. It is good to really enjoy what you do choose to do and it seems like now is the hardest time to do that. What do you say we enjoy a Slow December together?

  2. I love a slow December. My father died this time almost ten years ago now, and it meant the next few Christmases were rough. But that’s brought an unexpected gift which is freedom from any guilt when I opt out. I just can’t commit to many things at this time of year, and so I can focus on what is most important. Which is mostly time. I do fewer things, but I really ENJOY them. I don’t know what I am getting most people on my list this year but that’s ok. They’ll all get something and that’s not the most important part anyway. I’m hoping to get to January with calm and joy in my heart.

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