The Downside to Not Malling

Bowl of Spun Polworth

6 balls of Polworth  (8 oz. total) and one of BFL/Tussah spun on the drop spindle.  All are waiting to be plied.

Sewing is still stuck due to my inability to locate the fabric I’m looking for.  It doesn’t have a location listed in my fabric inventory app, which normally means its in a known WIP pile in the craftroom.  Flannel is totally appropriate for a holiday party right?

I did try to take some fabric scraps to the mall to recycle at H&M only to discover there isn’t an H&M.  I’m not sure if this is recent or if I just remember it from the mall where I lived before.  If I’d been to the mall more than 4 times in the last year (pretty much for movies), this might not be a mystery.  What can I say?  They don’t sell fabric or books and there is a much nicer game store on Main Street in a town that isn’t any further away.


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