Warm Wintery Plaid

My second Sis Boom Carolina Mae may not have gotten all of the adjustments I had thought to make, but it did get all the same as my first plus a full lining made from a thrifted percale sheet.  The lining is thick enough that breezes don’t pass through.  The flannel (a Craftsy purchase) is nice and thick, the sort you can rarely find in ready-to-wear.  It is so snuggly and warm I didn’t want to take it off last night.  It’s a few inches longer than the first, leaving it sweeping the ground because I loved the frayed selvedge and decided not to hem it after all.  It would have been nice if I’d remembered to raise the back neckline.  The pockets still feel like they could come up another inch.  My big mistake was being too efficient with the zipper it is so close to the top that there wasn’t any room to install a hook and eye.

I haven’t been able to find the fabric for my next project.  It’s the same holiday dress I was going to make several years ago.  Lots of other lovely wintery fabrics did reappear from my stash and a promising navy stretch velvet offered to sub in as a holiday dress.  Now to either find the right fabric or the right pattern and get it made up in the next two weeks.

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