Wheelspun Hat

Hat from first wheelspun yarn

What do you do when you want cream or navy aran for a hat to go with your cranberry coat and know that you have maybe brown and dark green aran? You realize that the hat pattern uses little enough yarn that your first wheelspun yarn would work.  Spun from knitpicks Wool of the Andes this charcoal is at least a neutral that I really like.  The hat turned out a bit more somber than I was hoping.  A few floral decorations helped to lighten it up though.  The flowers (made from scrap bits of yarn) are pretty messy,  but I’m thinking of adding 6mm round beads to match my coat to the centers, which might make it less noticeable.  This was my first pompom and it may need to be reattached so that it is more centered.  I did work from a pattern initially, but I can’t find it now.  This was done 3 hook sizes smaller than called for and improvised after row 9.   Some of the flowers may get restitched and I may stitch more further up the hat in each row, or it may stay the same.  This cablework was also a first and turned out well. Handspun hat for the win!

Update 24 November 2017:  The pattern I used was the Honeycomb Cabled Beanie from the Unraveled Mitten.  The pattern is free with ads on the blog or Ad-free for a small fee on Ravelry.

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