Queue Jumper


Having finally muslined the Sis Boom Carolina Mae to the point where it is time to cut the fashion fabric but, not being ready to double check the math to be certain I create my dream dress with the sparse fabric, I cut out a test Appleton.  Essentially both dresses will be muslins for dresses that are to be made out of warmer fabrics for winter.  After sewing while the kids were in the tub yesterday I found myself getting up at 3 this morning to finish it.  Sewing Mojo feels like it has been hiding just around the corner and if I can get through these muslins quickly and still find time to sew then I might actually get to sew a few of the winter dresses.  Though there will be another Colette Myrtle (probably) coming up for our office holiday party.  It’d be so nice to start to build up a few TNT patterns again and to be able to work on things I’d really like to have in my wardrobe rather than fitting and refitting, muslining and re-muslining.
Getting back to the dress, this is another rayon spandex mix from Fabricmart.  This time I’ve sewn a 12 G/H, which means I’ve sewn the 12, 16 and 18 G/H.  I’m considering moving to 14 E/F for a little more coverage, but remain undecided.   I apologize for the crappy grainy (apple says the latest update will fix that) faceless bathroom selfie. Sleep and sun have been in short demand lately and I really wanted to share a sewing project with you rather than another stitching update.  Do you have long awaited winter garments on your queue? What are your favorite garments and patterns for winter?

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6 Responses to Queue Jumper

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  3. Thanks. The Appleton is so dependable it’s easy to fall back on even if I need to try a new size. I regret it not having pockets, but they would ruin the lines.

  4. Thank you. I’m never sure of the fit or coverage. Sometimes making the Appleton, where I just cut out according to the sizing chart and sew it up as is seems too good to be true.

  5. This looks fantastic on you!

  6. This looks wonderful on you.

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