Looming Fabrics


Looms have been sneaking up on me.  First this summer when there was discussion of next year’s camping project for the kids would be weaving the yarn they’ve spun in between.  Then seeing all of the lovely woven projects at my last spinning meeting.  They  draw me in, entincing me to spin lovely cloth.  Completely ignoring the fact that the only loom I have is this little Spear’s Number 2, that I got as a child,  most of what I would spin would be too course a weave for the styles I favor.  Pinterest insists I work on card woven decorative bands.  They look awesome and possibly workable if  I had a card loom.

Meanwhile,  I have this project to finish.  The scarf on the loom is from 2009 if the flier in with it is any indicator.  That at least can be finished up and it turns out that A is actually pretty good at feeding the shuttle back and forth or operating the heddle.  She can’t seem to get enough.   I may need to actually learn the basics of weaving as it’s best not to pass on bad habits.  Knitting really is supposed to be my next skill…

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