Birthday Extravagance

I may not have had cake, but my birthday was a doozy this year.  My husband bought me a Brother 1034D serger and my in-laws gave me this Ashford Traveller spinning wheel (a hand-me-down from my MIL, who decided that spinning isn’t for her).  That is some serious loot.  Also an extensive amount of learning that I will need to do.

An easy starting place was to ply the two bobbins of singles that my MIL had passed along as well saying “Just throw that out.”  Plying on a wheel (perhaps not well) is easy.  Much easier that on the drop spindle and faster too.  I have since tried spinning on the wheel and that is… okay.  It is not relaxing like drop spindle, but it is fast.  If I need to spin lots of something I may turn back to it and learning to like it may come with practice, but mostly “Yay, bobbins!”  “Yay, plying!”   “Yay, new things to try!”  “Yay, for having such thoughtful family members!”

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