Ever Practical


On our first day of waking up to below freezing temps a rayon challis Carolina Mae (Sis Boom Patterns) is on the cutting table.  Because of the close fit Swedish tracing paper is out and old curtains are in for muslining the bodice.  Thoughts so far on this pattern are that the instructions are awesome with lots of tips for fitting and alterations and that the pattern offers lots of options.  The only negative so far is that the pattern is 369 pages long in order to have each size printable separately.  Thank goodness that newer patterns commonly nest the sizes for ease of grading and layer the PDF for ease of printing.  There was sooooo much wasted paper in the assembly and cutting out phase.    My muslin seems to fit well apart from it not meeting correctly in the back it overlaps 3+” at the waistband and doesn’t quite meet at the top.  Hopefully, this will be simple enough to fix by simply adding 3/4″ to each side at the center back top, removing 1″ from at the center back seams on the bottom and grading in between the two.   That should leave some ease for the waistband while allowing room for zipper installation.  Possibly, I should move the front darts a bit more toward the center.   If all of this works out maybe a flannel version with  pleats rather than gathers in the skirt will be in order.  All of this doesn’t help my winter wardrobe much, but it did allow me enough time to decide that the Seamwork Oslo isn’t  a silhouette that suits me and saved me from wasting my lovely grey ribbed sweater knit.

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