Oslo vs Oslo

Having just plain given up on proper photos, this post is brought to you once again by keeping it real complete with frizzy hair, a lack of ironing and soapy kid fingerprints all over the mirror used to create these bathroom selfies.  This is the case of two Seamwork Oslos.  Both are sewn in Rayon/lycra jersey with at least 95% rayon.  The first, in navy, is a large with 3″ added to the sleeves and the cuffs eliminated.  Like the creature from the black lagoon, it swims.  Just look at those underarms…


The second, in dusty rose, is a medium back, a medium front in the shoulders with a faux knit fba and grading to a large at the waist and hips for the front pieces, which simply seem not wide enough to me.  Another inch of length has been added to the sleeve.  With the changes in the shoulder I trimmed an inch of width off of the upper sleeves to narrow them and fit them to the new armscythe.  Even with clear elastic in the shoulder seams (standard) this shoulders seem to droop a lot.  They don’t want to be any where near my shoulders.  Yes, this is a design feature.  As I’ve said before, drop shoulders aren’t my thing.  Taking a look at the underarm on this one the fit is much better.  When considering these, please understand that the wrinkly sleeves and wavy hems on the rose version are due to not ironing during any phase of construction. It is hot off the sewing machine and a quick pass with an iron or trip through the drier will eliminate those.  Neither happened, because I had no idea if this project would be worth doing or would come together alright and plenty of other things to do that day.

rose oslo

These two wear in completely different ways and the bad part is I’m still not sure the pattern is worthy of my good sweater knit.  Any ideas on how changing to a heavier knit would change the drape or wear?  Do you think I should bother giving this pattern one more try?  The collar doesn’t seem to lie right in either version and is entirely unaltered.

My big plus from this is watching some of the piles of fabric finally turn into clothes again.  I’ve missed sewing this summer.

Happy Stitches to you.




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