Cobweb and Lambs


Spinning continues.  This time at cobweb weight with a lovely violet blue Polworth top.  It’s amazing how much spinning goes into making a very small cop when the yarn is so fine.  Sooner or later some effort may need to be put into finding patterns for handspun.


Clearly, one bead will need to be fixed.

While the finishing work on the Monarchs hasn’t happened-A has taken to coming in throughout the very early hours to tell me she:  needs a drink, wants to cuddle, wants to play, has brought a book…though my favorite remains  “Mama, the sun is up…almost.” Me: “No, Darling it is hours away.”- two replacement ornaments, miraculously did.  These are Mill Hill beading kits, also thrifted with the last two batches.  Working on all of these thrifted vintage smalls has been so much fun that I’m going to try to stop by again tomorrow to see what’s new.  The lambs are still waiting for finishing.  While they were part of the spring collection they seemed appropriate for my new spindlers.   These were so much faster than the other beaded ornaments I’ve done.  Perhaps because they were always a combination of cross-stitch and beading?  My only regret here is that I didn’t think to make them mirror images of one another.  It would have been simple enough to do.

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4 Responses to Cobweb and Lambs

  1. I guess the simple ones are easier to maintain and repair too! Just like the vintage sewing machines!

  2. So many machines are, but I like the simple ones because I can readily understand them.

  3. These machines, spinning, weaving, etc. are quite fascinating!

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