Vintage Finds: Butterfly Needlework Kits

Lately our local thrift store has had a nice variety of vintage needlework kits.   During our last gaming session I started a pair of surface embroidery butterflies vintage 1983.  At yesterday’s session the second was finished and I started a crewel embroidery needle book kit from creative expressions.  The Daisies kit is from about the same time (check ebay if you want it).  It seems like the store got a large stash or estate collection of needlework supplies and kits in and is slowly trickling them out.  This one being such a simple kit, the stitching was complete after the game and an evening movie. As A was kind enough to wake us up early, there was enough time this morning to do the finishing work.  I altered the finishing slightly to anchor the interior and exterior at the spine and to create braided ties for closure.  The felted wool needle pages are on their third life.  Once a wool sweater with a hole in it that I picked up second hand and then felted and turned into one of A’s most worn outfits, part of the leggings was perfect for this project.


Now, I’m trying out a chicken scratch butterfly kit from a subsequent batch of thrift store finds that was probably part of the same stash.  This technique always reminds me of a table cloth my grandmother uses as a dresser scarf on a dresser in her dinning room.  Simple, but stunning.  These kits are excellent for dabbling in new techniques and for mindless work on the go.  Need an easy to-go project. Grab a kit and a pair of scissors and head out the door.  Try something new for (generally) less than a dollar.  So far I haven’t tried anything I haven’t liked and O seems to really be enjoying the rainbow rug latch hook kit I picked up to add to his quiet time activities box.


The kids ornaments, which I’m now tempted to make up as pins to give as equinox presents as we’ve watched this year’s Monarch butterflies metamorphose and monarch butterflies are currently all the rage in our household.

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