Of All the Easy Things


Project Complete

Sewing, for me, is in part about sustainability; about knowing where things come from, how they were made and that they will last.  Mending feels like a super power.  Darning might be even better than mending as few people will ever see my socks and favorites will last much longer with a little TLC.  But darning was always strange and elusive.  Like the desire to learn to knit so that I can make socks (I prefer knit to crocheted), darning was a strange land full of unknowns.  Having kept an old inherited mending box full of bits of string and wax and pins and having long ago acquired a darning egg when a fairly new pair of socks (my only navy pair) suddenly sprung a hole in the toe, it was time to explore darning.


Getting Started

It’s hard to believe how simple darning really is.  Knowledge of running stitch and the ability to weave the thread over and under the first path was all the skill needed.  In short order the sock went from garbage to useful again.  Of course being home with a small child there were stops for stories and an armload of animals collected on my lap, but it can go on my list of things that can be accomplished with a small child.  A list that is oddly lopsided and as of today also includes fixing a wine rack and sorting wine.  In case you were wondering wine should be judged by the color of the wrapper and purple is the best.  Also it is excellent for counting and matching, so you will need to buy a sizable assortment…you wouldn’t want to neglect your (or whoever’s) child’s education after all.


Finished Darning on the Inside


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