Foxy Pajamas

The (free) Foxy Pajamas Pattern from On the Cutting Floor has a lot to not recommend it.  There is no getting around that.  It’s free and the pants work up easily.  The facings for the front button and button hole areas are absent or so poorly scaled as to be laughable.  The ears shown on the finished garment are included only in that final sentence of the instructions reads “You can make a decorative pair of ears to your hoodie as well ;).”  Still if you are experienced you can work with this pattern to create something fun.  I recommend skipping the hood front and drafting facings for the front button/button hole areas, the hood edge.  On the other hand you could just skip this and try another pj’s pattern such as any of the number offered by the big 4 companies or maybe Heidi and Finn’s All You Need Jammies.

If you do try these, understand that these run small.  This first pair of pants won’t last long beause of the length. To get them as long as they are I skipped cuffing them.  The technique described would allow for lengthening latter on, but they would have been too short. The top was too small.  He could put it on, but couldn’t put up the hood and the sleeves were doing a skinny jeans impersonation. I didn’t have enough fabric to replace them. A complete waste.  The pattern will be fine for another pair of pants with length added, but I won’t revisit   it.

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