Almost Isabella

isabella AnnodaturaOn and off the nodo dopio feels understandable.  Anyway I’ve managed it and the dove’s eye lacing and am part way through band 6.  It’s hard to remember that things need to be done again (and again) because I’m just learning.   Mentally the understanding is there, but it’s hard when stitching isn’t meditative, as that is part of what I love about it.  Still, I’m feeling good about wrapping this up.

Fall is always (at least when things are going well) wrap up time.  I like to wind up old projects and clear them away before winter sets in.  Winter calls for different types of projects.  There was a time when each winter meant crocheting another afghan.  Now winter is a round of ornaments for my kids and husband and other handmade gifts and possibly a sweater or shawl to help me keep warm while updating the colors or style of my wardrobe.  There are many dresses I’d like to make, but things from last year still fit okay so I can take a step back, relax and choose what I really want to work on.  Maybe even take a stab at finishing some of my WIPs.

Do you create seasonally?  What are your top winter/summer crafts or projects?

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2 Responses to Almost Isabella

  1. Thank you. That is very much how I feel about whitework. I just need more practice.

  2. This is beautiful work even if it is not so relaxing to stitch ☺

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