Just Not Right

Isabella Nodo Dopio and Doves Eye Issues

The third time I stitched band 2 of the Isabella, I’d had enough for the time.  The nodo dopio stitch just isn’t holding when the doves eye weaving is added.  Each time it has scrunched together in the middle, even when I cheated and stitched the nodo dopio through the base strands.  Having come back to it and completed bands three four and five, I am reminded that the horrific nodo dopio reappears in band 6, which is the final band.  Grr.  I can’t leave just that to be finished after my next chapter meeting where someone might be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong.

This flannel dress is very comfortable, but the buttons have been a frustration since day one.  First, they popped off with great regularity, so I sewed them back on.  Then, they simply popped open  with great regularity.  The button placket was made without interfacing and the buttons are just a bit too small.  It was very much time to replace them.  Hunting through my button collection, two options presented themselves.  Each had only 9 buttons rather than the 11 that the dress had or the 12 I’d like to add one more at the bottom, but in the interest of using things from my stash and fixing it today 9 would do.  The top two buttons never get buttoned anyway.

flannel dress button changes

A bit shinnier these new buttons, a bit more flash overall.  The original brown leather belt may not be up to par.  One of many small alterations needed for my fall/winter wardrobe.  Somehow they aren’t as fun as summer sundresses, but still a feeling of accomplishment creeps in.

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