Queen Stitched Acorns

Early Morning Name Tag

When you are up two hours early

I snuck out of bed this morning.  I snuck back in too.

The pattern, floss and linen for this were part of a lot I picked up at my last EGA chapter auction.  The acorns are done entirely in queen stitch and upside down from the direction the designer intended.  The name is simple cross stitch. Last spring saw the stitching completed, but it sat around waiting to be finished.  I was up early and wavering between: taking a bath because it’s the middle of a non-stop week and it might buy me time later in the day, staying in bed until the kids pounced as I’d been feeling the need to give them a good cuddle, or going downstairs and to watch some GoT and ply yarn or work on embroidery when I remembered it, a nice little project to do in bed while listening to Love to Sew Podcast and waiting to be pounced.  The lacing work was completed earlier this week and it just needed to be put together and have cord made from DMC 783.  My tiny cord maker is so clunky compared to my drop spindle.  I really think I may try using the spindle to add twist next time.  If anybody has tried that I’d like to hear how it went.  Still being able to make cord is very liberating.  It seems to me that the selection of notions is becoming more and more limited locally and it can be hard to source and color match online.  Now, my new fall nametag is finished and waiting for our September meeting.  At least one thing this week that won’t simply need to be redone or create more work for later.  Plus, there were cuddles.  It still surprises me, every time A comes in and her little head is above the level of the bed.

Finished Queen Stitch Name Tag

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2 Responses to Queen Stitched Acorns

  1. Thanks. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about finishing in the past several years and this is probably the first nametag that feels up to par, even if there is room for improvement (I forgot to pad the back and it is a little croocked).

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