Vintage Finds: Butterflies

One of my recent trips to the thriftstore turned up a pair of lovely vintage butterfly button embroidery kits.  Someday they would be a perfect learning project for the kids-until I needed a project for my last gaming session and realized that they could be turned into ornaments for the kids instead of buttons.  I freely admit my hands must be busy in order for my attention not to wander.  These were just the right speed for getting one holiday to-do crossed off early.  The right hand butterfly is waiting for me to remember (or look up) how to do a bullion stitch again, then it will be done.  I’m considering making an extra on muslin as a summer nametag for EGA meetings.

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4 Responses to Vintage Finds: Butterflies

  1. I just LOVE a good thrift-store find like this! Gorgeous patterns šŸ™‚

    • What has been your favorite find?

      • I’ve never really been that lucky to be honest. Although it isn’t for the want of trying – I can’t walk past a charity shop without popping in for a look around, I just never seem to be one of these lucky people who get the gems. I live in hope!

        I have a friend who once bought an entire stash of over 150 DMC threads all wound neatly onto bobbins and organised to perfection in plastic boxes for around Ā£15 on Ebay. It turned out to be a dead-lady’s stash being sold by her family šŸ˜¦ I immediately wrote a note which I store in my craft room telling DH what he should expect to sell my craft supplies for if anything ever happens to me, LOL!!!!!

      • I’ve had a few finds, bit they represent a very very small percentage of the times I’ve been to thrift stores and yardsales. I wish you luck in your future trips.

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