Eventual and Obvious Things

Last Bunch of Grapes Table Cloth Inner Border

This is the final bunch of grapes on the inner border of my grapevine table cloth.  You can read more about that in earlier posts here and here.  It feels like I’ve finally made progress.  Perhaps this is the really the only time of year it gets worked on.  High hopes, but little practical application can make that happen.  It still wouldn’t be this far, but the wrapped bars and woven dove’s eye band of Isabella didn’t go well…three times.  More precisely it went well, but the woven dove’s eyes squish all together once I take it off the hoop.  They just look like ugly knots.  This may require an email to the instructor, but it’s currently being ignored in self-defense.  Perhaps I’ll skip to the next row and then come back later, but for now I’m inching along with what may yet become a tablecloth someday.

Sewing projects are piling up, but making no progress.  Having purchased the Carolyn Pajamas pattern from Blank Slate Patterns on my anniversary trip to Boston a little over a year ago, and fabric for them last spring, I am just now recalling that I hate pants and wondering if I also hate flannel pants.  I own some and they are my favorite things to toss on for sleeping when I’m camping, but never come out when I’m at home.  Is it worth making Carolyn Pajamas for Camping?  What do you suppose the probability is I’d wear them while not camping?

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