I’d forgotten how relaxing and meditative pulled/drawn thread embroidery can be.  It takes a few stitches to get the new row down, but then it’s quick and easy.  I’ve missed this.  The apparent wavy quality of the stitching row is just due to uneven tension from the hoop, which just barely has enough fabric to hold in the middle.  It should get better as the piece progresses.  Until this point all of the work was actually completed in hand, which is my preferred method for pulled and drawn thread pieces, but the teacher for this EGA GCC recommends a small hoop, so it was time to give it a try and it is actually easier for the peahole hemstitch.  In case you are unfamiliar with this stitch, what you are seeing here is actually the back of the work.  The front is a bit neater.

My thoughts on this project so far?   It took a ridiculous time to prep the fabric.  It isn’t really necessary to baste all of the hemlines with counted stitches at a counted distance.  The saving grace there was the fact that preparing the fabric was lesson 1, so at this point I’m already about halfway through lesson two of  six.  The directions are thorough, but I must admit I’ve found them a bit trying-just a learning style thing I think.  for the peahole hemstitch I used this online tutorial, which has much clearer pictures, since the grey on grey on grey in the manual wasn’t clear enough for me to follow what was above and what was below.  Maybe if each picture were directly next to the instruction it is trying to illustrate rather than a row of instructions with a group of small pictures grouped nearby/around it, almost certainly an attempt to save space and cut down on printing costs it would have been clearer.  Could I have sorted it out?  Almost definitely-with a photocopy, scissors and tape, but google was so much faster and kept me working along at a nice clip instead.  I do not mean to indicate that the instructions are bad.  They aren’t.  It’s just that I’m not feeling patient enough for them.

In other news, he Love Birds ,which I like to thing of as Blue Birds, Pillowcase is finished.  I won’t bother with another photo, you can see the first one on my Vintage Linen’s page.  Boy did updating that make me feel like I’m not making any progress.


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2 Responses to Isabella

  1. It usually looks more fiddly than it really is. I highly recommend it.

  2. Looks great! I’ve never tried pulled-thread embroidery – it’s on my to-do list though, it looks fiddly but fun!

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