OAL2017: Wrap Up


Mae isn’t what she used to be.  She’s a brand new girl.  The side zip turned out great.  The length is perfect for the skirts I’ve made recently.  She goes particularly well with Elsbeth.  Sewing the side seams up a bit further to make the armhole better causes a bit of pull across the back.  Still looking for different ideas for this.  Fabricwise it’s okay.  The seersucker isn’t as opaque as I’d like, but making this fully lined by sewing and matching all of the darts would take a lot longer than I have.  It isn’t really a problem as far as my bra showing through, but the facings are very noticeable.  I’m already trying to decide what other substrate would work well.  Maybe I will lower the neckline by about a mile too.  Every picture I’ve seen online has had the neckline roughly where the facing ends (3″ or 4″ lower).  Could that also be caused by sewing up the sides?  Maybe I’ll have to open them a bit and see.

My Berry Ripple Skirt is less pleasing.  The stripes and texture are great, but it isn’t very flattering and possibly just isn’t my style.  Good to know, but it might have been better to know before I spent forever crocheting it, again and again.  Maybe I’ll finally learn to knit before next year’s Outfit Along.

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10 Responses to OAL2017: Wrap Up

  1. Sorry, It has been crazy busy and I haven’t been crocheting and so haven’t been on Ravelry.

  2. Andi says:

    Hi! Lauren and I have been trying to get in touch with you on Ravelry about your OAL prize. Could you please email me?

  3. The pattern actually came out knee length on me, but I liked this length better and wanted some yarn to make a matching skirt for my daughter. I did have a little trouble with the pattern sizing wise, but it is easy to adapt once you get it. I’d definitely recommend marking the increase stitches. I don’t know that I would recommend it for a beginner, but it would be doable for an adventurous beginner with enough motivation. A winter color palette would look great. There are blue and grey colorway projects for thus pattern on ravelry.

  4. Thanks so much!! I probably won’t begin until the winter – in fact I’m thinking a winter colour palette and making it knee-length might be a good idea (or maybe too ambitious for a newbie?!)

  5. Thanks. There were many pictures before I had one where I thought it looked okay. It is very comfortable. Good luck if you do and feel free to contact me with questions.

  6. Mods do seem like they’d be very doable. Poplin would be a great choice. Sometimes pictures seem like the hardest part. How are your armscythes?

  7. Great outfit! I think your skirt looks great – I think it’s a flattering fit on you and looks very comfortable. I’m not much of a crocheter but you have inspired me to give this a go 😀

  8. I used a poplin. It’s see opaque enough that the facings don’t show although it’s spotted and you can juuuuust see the spots through so I used plain white something for the facings. It’s been finished for a week but it’s been raining and I’ve been too tired to take photos. I’m really pleased with the final fit though, I think it would make a nice base for mods, and it would be easy enough to draw on another neckline.

  9. Thanks. Can’t wait to see yours. No idea why the neckline is like that, but I’m sure to change it for next time. What fabric are you using?

  10. This looks SO good on you! I love your Mae. I haven’t photographed mine but the neckline is definitely not that high on mine. Although I have a forward neck and I didn’t do an adjustment for it so the shoulder seams are probably a bit more forward than they should be.

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