OAL2017: Hello Modesty


This project keeps surprising me.  The latest is how high the neckline is. None of the pics online seem to have it that high.  Maybe it will seem lower when the sides are sewn up. At this point it is really more of a Blue Ginger Doll Mae Hack than a Mae.


  • added side darts for a 2″ FBA-I’ve found I usually need to split darts for the FBA so I didn’t try to change the fish eye darts other than giving them better positioning.
  • cropped-about 5″, although it will lose another inch or two when it is finally hemmed
  • button back changed to invisible side zip-even when I was Gumby-like I wasn’t that Gumby like
  • side seams extended further up-hopefully this will mean that my bra won’t show too much through the armhole

It has been a journey getting it even this far, but if it turns out as expected I could see it hacked to make a boatneck version and a scoopneck version, as I’m sorely in need of tops, particularly cropped ones to go with some of my skirts, and this could be a very easy sew, with just two pieces and armholes and neckline finished with biastape.  Here’s hoping it is done by the end of the month so that it’s on time for the  Outfit Along 2017 deadline.


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