On our way to see Spider Man Homecoming

Finally getting a to satisfy my desire to embroider clothes with this jacket, which turned out well. It seems A will even wear this coat, unlike her Molly Bunny Jacket.  Now she has requested a crocheted skirt to match my recently finished (and as yet unblogged) Berry Ripple Skirt.


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6 Responses to Fierce

  1. This is soooo gorgeous!! Great idea 😀

  2. Go for it. I’d do it if I found a jacket I liked. We’ll start a trend 🙂

  3. I saw an adult sized one in the mall today…was VERY tempted to buy and copy you!

  4. Being three allows her to rock just about anything (I’m only a little jealous.). Rarely do projects come out as well as I picture them in my head, but this one is spot on. Depending on how it wears it may go in her keepsakes from childhood box when she outgrows it.

  5. that looks so cool on her! Are you going to frame it once she outgrows it?

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