OAL2017: Going Back in Time & PDF Sizing

One evening while my husband was at a meeting I put on the latest Harry Potter for the kids and sat down to frog my skirt.  Soon A climbed up next to me and sat down with her back to the screen.  “Mama I want (makes motions with hands of winding a ball of yarn).”  Shortly thereafter O wouldn’t be left out either.  One movie later my yarn was sitting in the basket again, and both children knew how to wind a ball of yarn by hand.

On the plus side, after revisiting the entire list of tops in my pattern inventory and realizing that maybe tops don’t get made because said inventory contains nothing I like, I bought the Blue Ginger Doll Mae, a 1940’s style woven top with dolmen sleeves, a scalloped neckline, back buttons and fish eye waist darts for shaping.  Admittedly, the back buttons are probably going to be switched to a side zip.  I’m picturing this in a seersucker and or a swiss dot, both white, both in my stash.

Luckily for me Jenny Rushmore of Cashmerette recently wrote this excellent post on getting PDF’s printed at affordable rates.  I jumped in with both feet and sent them 10 (why pay shipping repeatedly?).  Eight of the ten were Colette patterns, which happens when you have a million Seamwork credits and hate the way the magazine and patterns have been going.  The other two were the Mae and Odette patterns from Blue Ginger Doll.  I’ll soon be posting more about the Mae.  But two steps forward and one step back,  ever so slowly this challenge is making progress.  Hopefully, the sewing portion will be much quicker.  Being in the states I went with PDFPlotting.com.  The results were awesome, on medium to heavy paper, completed the same day and shipped to me in two days.  It would have taken me longer to print and assemble the PDF’s (one is nearly 10 feet long).

You probably know how to do this, but the part that took me a few minutes was sizing the PDF’s.  The site wants to know how big the pattern should be when printed. None of them came with info telling me what the final size should be.  There may be an easier way to do this (I’d love to hear if there is.), but this is what I did in Adobe (freeware), which isn’t hard.

Go to: TOOLS

Select: Measure (This will bring you back to the main screen, but with a new tool bar.)

Select: Measuring Tool (Then ignore the things that come up.)

Right Click and select SHOW RULERS.

Scroll to the end of the document and read the rulers.

See not hard, just aspects of Adobe I hadn’t played with before.  The catch being that not all of my PDF’s ended as whole inches, which are required for PDFPlotting.com.  Usually it was pretty close and I could guess.  Half an inch spread out over 5-10 feet doesn’t throw things off much and checking the little 4″x 4″ boxes seems like everything is fine.


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3 Responses to OAL2017: Going Back in Time & PDF Sizing

  1. I have a Mae cut out to muslin, too! I’ll be interested to see how yours turns out.

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