Shakespeare Meets Denim

Of course vacation meant not finishing one of the two stitching projects I brought with me, but rather starting another.  This had been a dream for some time, before chasing down Emma Congdon’s Literary Quotes, which happened to have not only the Tolkien quote, but also two more of my favorites from Shakespeare and Austen.  That matched up well with a sale, which netted me this 4T jean jacket for A to grow into.  This project has a finish by date that isn’t negotiable.  It will be done by fall so that when she fits a 4T, be it fall or spring, it will be ready for her.  I believe I’ve used waste canvas only once before and didn’t like removing it.  Hopefully, it will go better this time around.


The design area was cut along the thread lines and then matched to the seamline where the waistband was sewn on in theory that this would help in be straight.  Beyond that I tried to center it between the two seams of the center back and side back panels before basting extensively.  Only then did the masking tape come into play.  The jacket is a stretch denim with a terryclothesque reverse, which has proven excellent for holding the back threads and giving it a little something in the way of support against unraveling.


Here is the first quote, completely stitched and ironed with charms attached.  This was stitched on a scrap of fabric leftover from another project and I’ve yet to trim off the Velcro edge.  Finishing will determine how best to trim the piece, so for now it is waiting.

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7 Responses to Shakespeare Meets Denim

  1. Ooh I’ll take another look!

  2. Funny you should say that, because that is the one place apart from the magazine website that is the one place I found it. Maybe it just went up today?

  3. no worries – I saw the image on their FB post. It’s not yet up on Zinio (dammit) but I think there’s a few other projects in this edition I could stitch.

  4. Just had a look around the web to see what I could see about the July issue (Unfortunately, I can only get most stitching magazines in digital format because of my location.) None of the pictures give me enough detail to see much beyond the main project pictured even when enlarged. I’ll have to keep a look out as finished projects start popping up online. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I love her work – I have Tolkien in my office, altho I too altered it slightly. Have you seen the July Cross Stitcher magazine? It looks to have another winner on the cover.

  6. Thanks. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the three quotes she had picked and that they were all my favs too and so beautifully designed.

  7. Fabulous! Absolutely love that Tolkien quote, gorgeous stitching 🙂

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