OAL2017: Never So Often

This beginning of this skirt has been repeated 8 times now.  This is the first time I got to the end. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last.  This year’s OAL has been filled with (minor) frustrations for me, all of course of my own making.  I should have tried this on again ages ago, but just accepted my initial measurement (somehow forgetting how much knits expand once you get a few more rows on them) and kept going.  My clothes, my location or my company just weren’t ideal for try-ons and I didn’t want to stop working.  Well it is several inches t0o big at the waist.  Comments from others who’ve made this seemed to disproportionately include references to having added elastic to the waist, which it turns out may have been more than just a style preference.

I’m not giving up yet, but I am running out of time I can commit to this project, particularly since I haven’t settled on a top pattern or fabric yet.  Which is my second frustration.  The third frustrating thing tells me that maybe I should just laugh at myself and try again next year.  The BHL Kim dress wasn’t very interesting to me, until I saw some makes starting to appear.  Of course, now it’s a bit tempting, but of course it wouldn’t go well with a crocheted skirt.

At least my problems are good ones.  Are you participating in OAL2017?  How are your projects coming?  Any frustrations?  Any victories?  Good luck with whatever you are working on and have a lovely Solstice.

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