Me Made May 2017 Follow Up: Lessons


It’s been a very interesting MMMay.  This might just be my favorite challenge/along.  This is my third year participating and every year in addition to being fun and inspiring, I get something completely different out of it.  Each year as my skills and my understanding of my style and needs evolve, what information I need and what information is missing differs.  Me Made May is there for me to answer the questions, I don’t even know to ask; to encourage me to take a holistic view of my wardrobe and sewing.  This year The Curated Closet became a part of my Me Made May.  It’s helping me streamline  and prioritize my wardrobe and sewing plans.


Toppers:  Diversify, Get more structure

Tops:  have almost none, start with white because I need more white/cream

Skirts:  So far, so good.  The addition of texture with Elsbeth and the return of 3 suede maxi skirts is great.  I really want a pastel a-line mini in suede.

Dresses:  More structured dresses, these are my style preferably in wovens


Absolutely must figure out how I want to structure a quasi-minimalist dress wardrobe so that my sewing really works toward this goal

My color palette is pretty solid, only minor changes of shade since last year with a stronger emphasis on  using more pastels in spring/summer and more berry tones in fall/winter.  A really big change to test out will be shifting away from black. While I love black I need to lean away from dark colors as they make me look too serious (having resting b@#$% face does that enough thanks) and less feminine.  Maybe a blue somewhere between middle blue and navy and charcoal grey as my darkest colors with more light grey, light blue, white added in to keep things bright then pops of my other colors.  This has already had a concrete effect.  The last Gutterman sale at Jo Anns  allowed me to stock my color palette, while ignoring the other tempting colors. They didn’t have the raspberry or teal and my neutrals are buried at the bottom.  Blues aren’t all there because I tend to stock those by default and have lots in my thread cabinet.

Making unexciting everyday things really pays off.  Every time my underwear drawer slides open it’s like greeting friends for a party, instead of rooting through the recycling to find something that will work.

I really want to learn to make jeans. Sometimes you need jeans and I have some that fit (sort of), but I’m worried that it isn’t the fit of jeans that is the issue.  The evidence strongly suggests that I simply hate pants.  All of that effort might be completely wasted, but I want the (possibly useless) skills.  Does that make me crazy?

I also really want to learn to make bras.  Underwear making has only reinforced this.  Patience here is very necessary and very hard.  Maybe this fall will be bra season.  This carries over to the Bombshell swimsuit too.

I’m still unclear how I feel about accessories.  I’m liking belts, which weren’t a thing in the past and am considering giving up jewelry entirely.  Has anyone seen any posts on a jewelry capsule?  Could I get by with say 5 items?

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