OAL2017: Gauge Swatch


OAL2017 is now underway.  This basket represents my progress so far.


  1. The arrival of yarn for the Drops Garn Studios Berry Ripple Skirt
  2. My desire to make this my vacation WIP
  3. The excessively long list of things to do between now and vacation
  4. The double or triple booking of my “free” days with birthday parties, kindergarten graduations, etc.

I cheated.  Well, only sort of.  If you noticed that my nice new balls of yarn have been unwound and rewound, that is because of the gauge swatch which is very necessary for this project.  I had to size down 2 needle sizes and then my gauge was still an eighth to a quarter of an inch too big.  This made me want to test how that would translate to the fitted portion of the skirt between the waist and hips.  Also, I wanted to get a feel for the pattern.  The fitting swatch test would have been more effective if worked from my the Upad3 in my iPad because the shiftiness of the pattern as I tried to chase it up and down through Word lead me to start the wrong size.  This had nothing to do with it being late.  Nothing at all.  Still the test was useful, because the difference in measurements between the size I should have been working and the size I did, when subtracted, would have given me the needed size.  Once the first few inches are worked again I’ll test it, again.  For now my balls are all nicely rolled back up and waiting.

Thoughts on the project so far.  My gauge has never been off so much.  Is this common among others who complete the pattern?  Ravelry doesn’t have much commentary on this pattern yet.  While, the streamlined nature of the pattern is admirable, it is also hard to work with.  It is worked solely from a partial chart with colors being noted on a separate page (several pages back).  No notation is made for the button placket in the chart or color repeat area.  One can assume based on the structural drawings that it stops 12cm down, but inferences can be tricky.  The style of the chart is different from any of the shawls, afghans or baby clothes I’ve made.  Adding that to the colorwork made this far more challenging than I would have otherwise expected.  Still very doable, but wrapping my head around how it was supposed to all fit together took two or three times as long as I’d expected initially.  The second time around should be faster…It had better be faster.  The yarn is a bit of a pain with the smaller hook because it is prone to splitting, but that is as expected for cotton yarn (this is 50% cotton/50% merino).  The merino makes it softer than 100% cotton yarn.  I hope it doesn’t make it too warm for summer.

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