Wardrobe Reset

Down the rabbit hole and start again.  December 2015, I began my Me-Made Wardrobe journey.  Last spring I wore so many me-mades.  Last winter I wore so many custom dresses from E-Shakti….and that was a learning experience.  I got to try many styles, lengths, cuts fabrics and have a wardrobe that was okay even though I didn’t make it.  Still compromises were made and I want to get  back to seeing me-mades when I open my closet and to create Summer and Winter wardrobes.  What do I wear these days?

Thoughts on theses items:

Autumn Sky needs to be taken in.

Kit and Date Night are good, but the colors need to be a bit peppier also more florals.  I miss pockets when I wear you.

Myrtle is lovely.

Elsbeth needs some friends in the tops department.

Underwear, better than before, but probably the equivalent of the nursing tops I made out of quilting cottons.   Also, I need a couple more pair.

OAL Ada-I love you, though you would be better for cold weather with longer sleeves or warm weather if you were cotton or linen yarn rather than wool.

Rosa,  your cut, color and design are great, but 2″-3″ inches of length would be nice.

Azteca surprisingly fab.  The exception to my not liking geometrics, possibly because I love black and white.

Myrtle Muslin, I should put you on and see if you fit better now.  You might.

Comic Skirt, you got taken in.  You fit now and the nerd in me loves you, but the fashionista in me wishes marvel super heroes came in non-primary colors, also Elsbeth rocks it over you in that she has the curved waistband and back darts.  Sorry.


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