Living in Underwear Land


Still sorting out boxes that I find buried in various places.  Adding 3 pair jeans, 2 tops and 2 pair sueded leather pants to my wardrobe from said boxes.  Adding one skirt to the alterations pile.  One dress will be copied as a pattern then turned into a skirt.  Getting rid of things feels great.  Getting use out of things that have been taking up space even better.  In other news, more underwear.  Two in blue with picot elastic from yet another t-shirt.  More t-shirts are waiting, but having completed 10 pairs of basic cottons, I’m relishing fancy.  I’ve just made my first pair of lace panties, a black stretch lace combined with some black fold over elastic  and a navy liner (still haven’t found the black tissue knit).


All three pairs of underwear were made using Kwik Sew 3881 again.  This is my first time using fold over elastic.  Peoples complaints about clear elastic, which has never bothered me are starting to become understandable.  Underwear making may go on the back burner for a while now, but I have some black fabric that might combine nicely with more of the stretch lace for something along the lines of the Seamwork Geneva version 3, which has contrasting side panels.  Of course I also have some scalloped Stretch Lace and the Jalie 2568.  It’s probably a good thing that bras should wait until I’m a relatively stable size, because there’s so much creative freedom and so many options and it rocks to be able to make 3 garments in the morning and still do other things.

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