Dress Soup


Yesterday was one of those perfect days; cool in the morning, sunny and warm later and so much gets done.  It started out with my dashboard lighting up like a Christmas tree on the way to drop off O.  The car seemed to be running fine and the mechanic didn’t open for another hour, so home for a shower and some early morning lawn mowing.  It’s amazing how fast that tractor can go if you aren’t also trying to balance a small child at the same time and you’d really rather be sewing.  In fact, it goes so fast that you can mow everything twice (the tractor had been out of commission for a week) and still have time to make arrangements to get the car fixed and sew a knit Myrtle before lunch.  Rose Myrtle isn’t hemmed because I’m still wavering about the hem length.  It looks best about 5 inches shorter, but chasing kids? This was my first Myrtle without any additional alterations.  It took only one hour, which amazed me since I’ve so often had to do alterations before hand.  Having cut it out the other day while the kids were in the tub helped, too.  One thing I did differently was use clear elastic to reinforce the back neckline.  The plan was to try reinforcing it with Steam-a-seam II, but mine is apparently a dud (not sticky and the paper won’t come off).  Please, forgive the saggy pockets.  This rayon has excellent drape, but that means the pockets aren’t very supportive and my phone is a bit heavy for them.  It throws off the lines.


Such a quick sew, left me with time to try dyeing my first woven Myrtle, which had a mishap in the laundry on it’s first cleaning.  Never having had much luck with the RIT recipes, (I’d like to try natural dyes, but I’m working on basics first and using up what I have.) I just wing it.  As you can see above, this was a stovetop job.  I used evening blue to go over the pink.  The dress wasn’t in quite long enough the first time and had to be re-dyed, but there was time.  While the Dress is a rayon/viscose the embroidery is apparently a poly thread as it retains some of the original color and its shine, which gives, imo, a rather nice effect.


Bedtime, Myrtle!  She’s really overdue for a rest.  With Rose Myrtle and Dress Soup my closet now contains 3 knit and 2 woven Myrtles all of which are now inline with my chosen color palette.

More denim is waiting for another Rosari.   Summer basics?  Check.  That leaves time to fine tune things.  A Jalie pattern is waiting for me to make a couple pair of fancy panties.  Then probably some French knickers, which make fabulous slips, and an apron.   

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