Happy Day After Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day was a great day spent hanging out with the family.  Today has been day one of Reclaim the House part 2000.  We bought piles of used children’s books at a book sale and the idea was I’d clear away the piles of stuff that have taken over every horizontal surface in the house, clean up the kitchen, do the laundry, bathe and tidy A, mow the lawn, figure out this week’s menu, clean out my closet (again), and then go through a couple of bins of sweaters, dress shirts and other clothes that have been set aside after previous clean outs to use for projects or salvage buttons or findings.  Then I’d pause and take a look around for the next house clean out project.  All of that done, I should be able to commit tomorrow morning to sewing up some of the underwear I’ve cut out or make another knit Myrtle to add to my vacation collection.  What planet do I live on?  It must be one that has more hours in the day than we have in a week.

I did clear out the two bins and try on a couple of tops from my closet.  Mowing and laundry are each half way finished.   The dishes and A are cleaned and tidied.  I’m very much debating spending tomorrow cataloging the piles of fabric that are piled in the craft room for intended projects.  It would be amazing to get the room back to a really functional state and there is now an empty trunk where it could go, but….sewing…vacation (which won’t be spent sewing).

Underwear have been worn and as mentioned cut out.  They didn’t get farther because the bin where the lining fabric should be doesn’t seem to contain the lining fabric. Though I did discover a pile of 1 yard knit cuts that may join the underwear effort.   Instead a new skirt, Elsbeth, happened. The pattern I worked up for Comic Skirt came out again in an attempt to preserve the crosshatching on this stretch denim from Joann’s.   Flat piping along the sides, waistline and patch pocket made from seersucker bias tape, leftover from Lady Engineer  gives it just a touch of a vintage feel.  The piping really only shows off to best effect if the waist shows, making me wish for crop tops.  Two more differences between Comic Skirt and Elsbeth are the waistband and zipper.  I drafted a curved waistband and added back pleats and used an invisible zipper, which I do not recommend with a side zip and flat piping on the side seams.  Finally, I cut Elsbeth on the crosswise grain and with a straight hem so that I could use the lovely frayed selvedge as the hem.


Finally, the one selfie I took during this period of mmmay.  One quick snap as we were leaving the the children’s museum, taken in front of a funhouse style mirror that makes me look 6 feet tall.


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