Calling All Multicrafters: OAL2017

Calling All Multicrafters! It’s time to prepare for OAL2017, hosted by Lauren Taylor of  Lladybird and Andi Satterlund of Untangling Knots.  During the Outfit Along you make one sewn and one knitted (or crocheted) garment to complete an outfit.  OAL2016 encouraged me to try the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, which I’d wanted to sew for a while and to expand my crocheting skills by making an Ada Lacy Shells top by Vicky Chan. Even though I sew a fair bit and very much enjoy wearing me mades, making a mixed craft outfit adds another level when it comes to the sense of accomplishment achieved. I’m still not a knitter so my new crocheting challenge will be my first skirt, the Berry Ripple skirt by Drops .   And since that won’t go with the Kim Dress from By Hand London (which seems similar to many patterns I already own) either a sewn top (I’m considering Simplicty 1692 a rereleased vintage pattern) or maybe one of the many cardigans I’ve been meaning to make since fall.  Come join the challenge!

In the meantime, while hanging out, playing games and eating tasty foods with family on Mother’s Day, I finished frogging my first Calliope shawl.   After using three balls of Lana Grossa Lace Lux (which isn’t made any more) and buying one more (339 yds. x4=1356 yds.) for a shawl that should have needed 1200-1250 yds. it ended up half a row short.  The pattern is such that it can’t easily be shortened in the second half due to the lace segments.  Making changes would require that I frog back most of the way.  Instead I decided to just frog it, which took days.   Finally, it was ready to turn into something new.  Originally that was going to be another of the goddess shawls from Crochet Works, but they are all very wide and a bit short, which isn’t my taste in shawls.  Instead it will become a Calypso shawl.

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