Waiting for Dragons

Hobbit Quote

A while back Emma Congdon’s “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” got started.  Now it’s is finally finished-almost.  My EGA chapter has a box of charms that you may select from when you finish a project and at some point the compass joined my collection and finally found a perfect spot.  Unfortunately, while both dragonflies and butterflies are among the many options, no dragons were so I ordered what will hopefully be an appropriately sized dragon charm from fire mountain gems to replace the hot air balloon, which just doesn’t fit with the origins of the quote.  It comes as part of a 4 pack and should be here…eventually.  For now we are waiting for dragons.

In other news I finished my second “How Does Your Garden Grow?”  From Crabapple Hill.  Perhaps it will even be framed before summer is over.  Rather than completing one of my current projects I started the Gilmore House Tray which I purchased from the boutique at Little Stitches.  Again the internet is not friendly when it comes to choosing fabric.  Seeking to combine purchases from a single vendor to the extent I could I subbed out a pecan butter 40 ct linen for the hand dyed Ale colored linen called for.  Bad choice as it is yellower than I’d like and doesn’t contrast as well with the khaki WDW.  Still I really want to stitch it so I’m going to stitch along and if I hate it, I can redo it later on a different color linen.  The tray is pretty small, but hopefully it will hold a pair of embroidery scissors, a needlebook and maybe a skein of floss or two near my recliner allowing me to quickly clear the area and making me less likely to lose these things.

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