Myrtle and Her Underthings


Despite the day 2 fail, Me-Made-May is feeling like a success already.  Day 4 started with rtw undies, but ended with three new pairs of underwear (Kwik Sew 3881) and more waiting to be cut and sewn. Only two are shown here, as I put the first pair on to try the fit and never took them off.  They are very comfortable and fit perfectly.  Yay!  All three are upcycled from a pair of tourist’s tees.  I’ll have one more from the second shirt-provided I can convince myself I don’t mind having a fish on the front of my underwear.  Then maybe it’s time to move on to stretch lace.


This woven Myrtle was sewn up at the end of April.  I’ve a trip to warmer climes coming and need a spring/summer wardrobe.  Everything is the same as Cora only with the cowl lowered a bit.   I chose not to line the skirt in favor of keeping it light and maintaining the lovely drape of the rayon challis.  The wind doesn’t allow the dress to show to its best, but that can’t be helped this time of year.  It is a tad tight across the shoulders and at the armscythe, but still very comfy and wearable.  The fabric was a sale item from Fabricmart, which is disappointing only in that it had little spots all throughout the yardage.  They are fairly faint and seem like they are a printing error with the brown dye rubbing off elsewhere on the fabric.  There was also this issue with the weave in one spot.  These small issues don’t trouble me as this is just a day dress that will likely be covered in little fingerprints and who knows what.  The butterflies will be just as pretty.

Day 5: I wore Autumn Sky and purple picot panties, which aren’t pictured on my blog.

Day 6: I wore Coral (my new coral colored panties), another custom dress I didn’t sew and a purple shawl that I haven’t posted about yet.  It was being blocked during my last round of pictures.

Day 7:  I’ve put on clean underwear (Bianca, the white panties shown above) and will get dressed eventually, but it’s time for dance party while building a spider web.

 Is anyone else having trouble with Kollabora?  Any attempts to post a new project just get a page error message.  It’s been this way for days.

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