Me-Made-May 2017 Fail Day + 2 New


So far MMM has been interesting.  I did well on Day one…I remembered my underwear.  My new Roses and Thorns shawl covered a dress I’d had made for me.

Slip Shortening

On day two, I wore the outfit I made for OAL2016; a purple crocheted sweater and linen Hollyburn Skirt.  The underwear planned for the day were downstairs on top of a pile of folded laundry and there were two children to get up and out of the house, so it just didn’t happen.  Two slips were shortened.


Day 3, A brand new skirt made on day 2 debuted.  This is my second Rosari skirt (see the first here).  The pattern is by Pauline Alice and works up well in a variety of fabrics.  This gorgeous floral stretch denim (from Jo Ann’s) is paired with some antique mother of pearl buttons from my collection.  I’m not sold on the buttons.  Suggestions would be welcome.  In addition to fabric changes I sized down two sizes and made the short length (which is much shorter than anticipated, probably a little shorter than I’d like) and A pockets.  Efforts were made at pattern matching which went well in so far as the pockets are concerned, but I forgot to make allowances for the button placket so the front is off a bit-lesson learned.


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