Back in Class Again


The project as prepared by our teacher, waiting to be stitched.  Feel free to laugh if you figure out how I compensated for my stretcher bars not fitting into the frame I usually use with a scroll frame.

What do you look for in a retreat or class?  Classes informal, formal, virtual and correspondence have helped me immensely in learning a number of crafts.   Saturday was the class day for EGA MER Little Stitches, which my chapter hosted this year.  Taking a crafting class invariably reminds me of my first quilting class (Log Cabin for Beginners) and  of how arrogant I was going into it-after all I’d made quilts and sewn clothes.  Still, I learned better techniques and useful tips.  Most classes are either skills based, materials based or project based; concentrating on teaching you new skills, having you work with new materials or helping complete a specific project.  Bluebird in Silk and Gold, my Little Stitches class, was taught by a fellow guild member, which encouraged me to take it even thought it would be new materials and techniques.  It was fabulous.  So much was crammed into my head in just 6 hours.  I feel confident about the project, which will require hours yet to stitch and it was lovely to try lacquered silk and flat and twisted silk and I’m looking forward to experimenting with Pearl Purl.

The project book for the Isabella Italian Drawn Thread Embroidery  , an EGA group correspondence course, was also passed out at Little Stitches so my project list is getting longer.  Luckily, today is rainy and tomorrow is a bring a project day for our chapter meeting so I may be able to finish my second “How Does Your Garden Grow?”  So many lovely projects.  It’s a good place to be.

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