MMM: Character Inspiration


 Photo Credit: CBS Elementary

Do you watch Elementary?  Joan’s clothes are awesome.   Many of them make me want to start looking for a pattern right away.  You can check some out here on CBS.  The LBD (above) and the black and white striped skirt in particular.  Most of her outfits wouldn’t work for me, but still…

Do you have a favorite inspiration character?

I’ve been mulling over my pledge for Me-Made-May.  I’m once again in the odd position of not having a spring wardrobe.  Weight loss is still ongoing, which I realized when I put on my Rosari skirt with a belt and it didn’t fit.  My last Myrtle hit the laundry the first time and came out a far more drab color.  I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that.

Sewing is  slow these days due to yardwork and a desire to see the sun.  Still some fun projects are in  the works, 2 more Rosari skirts and an a-line and a few more Myrtle are on the list.  Maybe some of these will get sewn up in time for summer.


Crochet seems to be going a bit better for me.  Pictures and blocking are in the works for several projects. Above my Rose and Thorns Shawl is being blocked (The colors are much nicer in person and without the red and yellow background.).

Some day my wardrobe will start to build up with pieces I love.  It seems that that day isn’t here yet, but at least skills can be honed and anything that doesn’t suit won’t be around long.  So my pledge this year is going to be very different.  It isn’t going to be about what I’ll wear, but rather about helping me to wear my Me Mades by filling in holes.

I, Logan, of Logan Stitches, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17.  I endeavor to wear all me-made underwear each day for the duration of May 2017.  This will allow me to fill a hole in my me-made wardrobe and allow me to play catch up with alterations and new projects as time allows so that I can enjoy a me-made summer.

Come join in for Me-Made-May ’17.  Show us all what you’ve accomplished or just keep us company.

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