Bust Dart Merry-Go-Round

If you have to FBA the woven version of the Colette Myrtle, what do you do with the resulting bust darts, if you don’t want to have to see 4 matching darts?  You rotate them into the collar…unless they are Big Honkin’ Darts common to larger FBA’s because even if they are small 1″ darts the distance from the bust point (and dart point) to the side seam is smaller than the distance from the bust point to the top of the cowl, which means that the distance along the edge gets much bigger at the cowl than it was on the side seam, thus dropping your cowl down toward your belly button.    What then?  Well, I’m trying a rotation of the bust dart partially into the cowl and partially into the waistline.  As you can see the original FBA dart (left) wasn’t very big, but it converted into two mid sized darts at the top and bottom of the bodice (right).  Hopefully, I can add 2″ to the skirt waistline (1″ per side) and let it be taken up in the elastic.  The new drop in the cowl should be workable and no darts need to be sewn, provided that all of this works as planned.  If you have a different/better solution or see any lurking problems please chime in.

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